Repair Pricing

All instruments left for repair must be in a case!

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, there are new recommendations and guidelines for instrument cleaning. Comprehensive testing of infected instruments has been completed that tells us how long the disease lives on different manufacturing materials. The following link provides excellent recommendations for band directors, players and technicians when it comes to cleaning instruments and protecting yourself.

Any repairs brought into our building will be subject to the 5 day waiting period before our repair technicians will beginning any work.  Also once picked up, you should also be cautious and wait the 5 days before playing your instrument.  Our technicians test play your instrument (using their own personal mouthpieces) before they leave our store, unless you have been told otherwise, please error on the side of caution for your own safety.



Full Service: Instruments will be disassembled, ultrasonically cleaned and flushed. Mouthpiece will be cleaned and sanitized. Case will be cleaned inside and out. Instrument will be fitted with all new cork and felt, play tested and adjusted for proper play condition. Dent work extra. Hand polishing of silver plated instruments extra. Trombone slide work extra. 

Add 25% for intermediate & 50% for professional models.

Trumpet/Fluglehorn $60.00
Trombone $50.00
Trombone w/trigger $60.00
Trombone w/ double trigger $70.00
Single French Horn $60.00
Double French Horn $70.00
Baritone/3 Valve Euphonium $70.00
4 Valve Euphonium $80.00
3/4 Tuba $90.00
Tuba $120.00

Miscellaneous Brass Repairs

Refit valves & casings $30.00 & up
Trombone slide work $50.00 & up
Dent work $50.00 & up
Stuck slides $20.00 & up
Stuck mouthpiece $10.00
Solder work $20.00 & up
Silver solder $30.00 & up
Clean & restring F-horn valve $12.50 each
Re-cork Mutes $15.00 & up each

Repairs not listed are based on time and materials.

Please ask for estimate.
(A $10.00 fee will apply if work is not completed)

Hourly rate is $50.00

All prices are subject to change.



Full time repair technicians are members of:






Play Condition: Instruments will be wiped down on the outside, swabbed on the inside. Oil will be applied to the bore of wood instruments. Mouthpiece will be cleaned and sanitized. Case will be cleaned inside and out. Includes all regulations, adjustments, lubrication, corks, felts, and up to 3 pads for proper play condition. Instrument will be play tested by the repair technician.

Full Service includes services listed above in additon to a complete tear down, ultrasonically cleaned body, and replacement of up to 6 pads. Additional pads, springs, and dent work extra charges may accrue. 

Add 25% for intermediate & 50% for professional models

Play Condition Full Service
Piccolo $40.00 $80.00
Flute $40.00 $100.00
Open hole flute $60.00 $120.00
Oboe $50.00 $100.00
Oboe - intermediate plastic $60.00 $120.00
Full Conservatory Oboe $70.00 $140.00
Bassoon Charged on Time
Clarinet Eb/Bb $50.00 $100.00
Alto Clarinet $50.00 $100.00
 Bass Clarinet $60.00 $120.00
 Alto Sax $75.00 $250.00
 Tenor/ Soprano Sax $80.00 $250.00
 Baritone Sax $90.00 $300.00

Miscellaneous Woodwind Repairs

Piccolo head joint cork $12.00
Flute head joint cork $15.00
Refit flute/piccolo joint $20.00
Bocal cork $20.00 each
Clarinet tenon cork $15.00 each
Saxophone neck cork $20.00 each
Solder work $20.00 & up
Silver solder $30.00 & up
Dent Work  Charged on time


Repads include complete disassembly, ultrasonic cleaning, polishing of body and keys. Instrument will be assembled with new pads and corks (springs as needed). Instrument will be play tested and adjusted for proper playing condition. Dent work extra. Cork pads and special order pads are extra, please ask for estimate. If not specified below please expect an additional 25% for professional models.

Piccolo - plastic/metal $200.00
Piccolo - wood $300.00
Flute $200.00
Open hole flute $275.00
Oboe (student plastic) $500.00
Oboe (intermediate plastic) $650.00
Oboe (intermediate wood) $750.00
Full Conservatory Oboe $950.00
Bassoon (student) $850.00
Clarinet Eb/Bb - plastic $200.00
Clarinet Eb/Bb - wood $300.00
Alto Clarinet - plastic $300.00
Alto Clarinet - wood $400.00
Bass Clarinet - plastic $400.00-450.00
Bass Clarinet - wood $500.00-550.00
 Alto Sax $700.00 & up
 Tenor/ Soprano Sax $750.00 & up
 Baritone Sax By Estimate Only